Arete SS17 Fashion Film "Windswept"
01/25/2017 by arete

For high resolution video please click here (Vimeo).

A light breeze sweeps across an empty field, delicately disturbing its tall blades of grass. Overhead, wind turbines slowly churn, the momentum is mesmerizing.

It is on this windswept field that the Arete Spring / Summer 2017 Collection is breathtakingly captured, in a short film that exquisitely unites fashion, art, dance and music.

The theme of the collection, Windswept, relates to the concept of the Modern Mulan, a woman who embraces her inherent spirit and strength, casting off her restrictions and taking flight in the warm breeze. The film conveys this with extraordinary cohesion, exploring the concept through both setting and subject.

The duality of the collection is explored through a juxtaposition of visual elements. While the concept of Windswept is represented in nature by the swaying blades of grass, the futuristic wind turbines scattered across the landscape show how this theme also translates into the modern world. This harmonious contrast is inherent to the Arete woman herself, who is both inherently connected to her surroundings, yet master of her present day self.

A close up of the subject’s face, delicate yet determined, demonstrates this characteristic contrast in outstanding detail. Her inherent duality is enhanced through a styled ethereal aesthetic contrasted with futuristic and edgy make-up and hair.

The dancer’s carefully constructed choreography and styled costumes simultaneously work to explore the details of each piece, such as the hand-embroidered beaded tassels that are highlighted by her raised leg during a significant crescendo.  The clothes themselves mirror the setting in subtle yet effective way. The Italian pinstriped trench coat reflects the vertical grass stalks in its pattern, while the organza fil coupe that draws likeness to the patchwork textures of the field that are flattened in the wake of the dancer.  

In the final moments of the film, the dancer is seen from above, moving elegantly through the field, her gown billowing behind her. This dress not only highlights the concept of Windswept in its movement, it also underpins the organic versus structural contrast that the collection explores in its one-of-a-kind print. Inspired by the work of artist Tracie Cheng, this print mirrors the topography of the natural location, while moving fluidly in unison with the dancer.

Directed by Derryck Menere, who makes his fashion film debut with the Windswept project, the piece was produced by integrated boutique branding agency, VIA. Showcasing the exceptional talent of Arete’s head designer Christina Liao, the film truly explores the Arete brand raison d’etre, which strives to promote a new vision of international fashion that speaks to modern women who play many different roles in life.


Producer: VIA

Director: Derryck Menere

Fashion Design: Christina Liao @ Arete

Talent: Gao Xiaoxi

Styling: Natali D

Hair: Andrea and Calle @ Team Aluie

DOP and Editor: Derryck Menere

Drone Operator: Captain Zhu

Music: “Makes the Wind” by Super Duper